WHA Information Center Training
November 2020

Program Description

WHAIC provides annual training for data submitters as defined by DHS 120.07 to explain its policies, procedures and to provide assistance in implementing the requirements of the data submission/editing process. The training includes the WIpop application, use of the portal, and the facilities responsibilities to remain in compliance with the statute.

Jennifer Mueller, WHAIC Vice President and Privacy Officer, will provide a special short presentation to review the importance of the data and examine how our data analytics team creates dashboards to display and promote use of the data by external entities.

Learner Objectives

       Get acquainted with the new WHAIC website


       Review the data submission manual and methods of data submission


       Review how to look up / find patients, run real-time reports and go over the validation process


       Understand the importance of payer mapping in the file


       Work collaboratively with peers for best practices and handle submission challenges, and common edits.


       Develop an understanding of the data use and how it’s displayed on dashboards.

Intended Audience

Primary, Secondary and other WIpop users including the data submitters, file managers and vendors


Cindy Case, BA, COC - Manager Compliance Education and Training
Jennifer Mueller, MBA, RHIA, FACHE, FAHIMA - Vice President, Privacy Officer


For content and training questions, contact Cindy Case


There is no cost for this webinar

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