WHA Information Center Survey Training
November 2020

Program Description

WHAIC has been providing annual training for survey submitters for the past few years. This training is intended to help users regain efficiencies to best manage the multiple survey submission processes and provide detailed information about changes that have taken place over the past year.

The training includes the Survey application, resources on the website, and requirements as defined by DHS 120.

Training Objectives

       Review the multiple surveys and submission requirements.


       Explore the new WHAIC website and ease of access to the survey section.


       Delve into the NEWLY Revised Annual Survey Manual.


       Familiarize users with the survey application, the portal, and the multiple enhancements.


       Provide WHAIC with other suggestions / changes you would like to see take place.

Intended Audience

Primary, Secondary and other survey submitters


Suzy Staudenmayer, Data Coordinator and Outreach Specialist


For content and training questions, contact Suzy Staudenmayer


There is no cost for this webinar

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